Group Date Object Description
MK735 2019-Jul-30 162 Door Grill Dovetail  Additional tolerance was added to allow the dovetail to slide onto the matching upper and lower grill dovetails easier. 
      162-0-1 replaces 162-0-0
      162-1-1 replaces 162-1-0
      162-2-1 replaces 162-2-0
      162-3-1 replaces 162-3-0
      162 Door Grill Dovetail SketchUp V6.skp updated
MK735 2019-Aug-20 165 Door Grill Clip Redesigned for additional strength and to reduce breakage.
      165-0-1 replaces 165-0-0
MK735 2019-Aug-20 MK735 Printing Instructions Revised and expanded documentation.