Tool-less Dual 2.5″ Drive to 3.5″ Drive Bay Adapter. 

Be it used in a high stress active cooling environment or in a low activity passive convection air situation, the 3D printed DA25A dual 2.5” to 3.5” drive adapter will help keep those drives running within their temperature limits.  It’s been designed to hold two 7mm or 9.5mm drives (conventional or SSD) in the space that a typical 3.5” drive occupies.  The DA25A will even hold two 2.5” x 15mm (think 5TB) drives in a well-spaced 3.5” drive bay chassis.  Other than the typical four #6-32 x ¼” screws used to mount the DA25A adapter in your chassis, it’s 100% tool-less, but screws can be used if preferred.  Well thought out, beta tested and documented. 

  • Allows two conventional or solid state 2.5” drives (7, 9.5 or 15mm*) to be mounted in a 3.5” drive bay.
  • Tool-less design, no disk drive mounting screws required. Screws can be used if preferred.
  • Drive trays latch into adapter and are designed to stay in place.
  • Can be printed using about 100g of any basic PLA on almost any FFF/FDM printer with a build area of X/Y: 135x105mm, Z:135mm.

*When 2.5″ x 15mm drives are mounted they will exceed the typical height of a 3.5” drive.  Check clearance of adjoining area before use.

Where to Purchase

 DA25A Available Here