This package adds full system air filtration to any MK Series Chassis. 

The filter package is 3D printed except for the filter material itself. That material is a low cost, washable open cell foam which can be purchased locally or online for under $3 and will provide at least two set of filters.  The filter material also has some sound deadening properties and may reduce fan and drive noise to some small extent.  The package adds six new objects:

  • Door Filter Frame Upper (Replaces Door Grill Upper)
  • Door Filter Frame Lower (Replaces Door Grill Lower)
  • Door Filter Cover Upper
  • Door Filter Cover Lower
  • Power Supply Vented Filter (For use on the “vented” version of the Power Supply Chamber)
  • Filter Cutting Template

The filter pack will add 8mm to the width and 4mm to the depth of your MK series chassis when installed.

View the MK Series Filter Pack Bill of Materials summary.

Where to Purchase

MK Filter Pack Available Here