The MK735m is almost identical to the MK735 except that it is a left to right mirror image.

It has advantages and disadvantages when compared to the original MK735.


  • The front cooling fan is directly in front the motherboard PCI-e slot.  This should help cool heat producing add-in PCI-e cards.
  • For motherboards that have passively cooled CPUs which are located more left of center, the front fan location may also assist in reducing temperatures there.
  • The power supply is located on the right, which might be closer to your motherboard’s power connection.  This is usually better for SFX or ATX power supplies with shorter wiring.  NOTE: SFX power supplies need to have a power cable length of 300mm minimum depending on location of motherboard power connector.  The disk drive power connectors on SFX supplies will most likely require extensions to reach all drives. 


  • The MK735m does not have the second PCI-e card knock-out on the back panel.  Typical Mini-ITX motherboards only support one PCI-e card, but that secondary area on the MK735 allows for double-wide SFF PCI-e cards or the addition of a PCI-e style bracket that does not need to be plugged into a motherboard PCI-e slot.
  • Unlike the MK735, the slightly larger Mini-DTX motherboard format will NOT fit in the MK735m.
  • Disk drive power cables will come from the power supply located on the right.  Modular ribbon type cables might impede airflow over the disk drives a little bit more.  


See the MK735 for all other specifications and additional information.

Where to Purchase

PLEASE, before you purchase the MK735m, download and print the MK735 Test Objects first.
These are the same test objects used for the MK735.

The release date of the MK735m is to be determined.